Posted: November 13, 2011 by Murdock in Him / Her


 Girl 1: Darling!!! Oh, you’ve had your hair cut!!!

 Girl 2: Honey!!! Yes, you know, with Fabio..he’s a wiz with his scissors.

Girl 1: So lovely!! You look 10 years younger, and those highlights …just wonderful. WOW hon ..I might try the same myself.

 Girl 2: Oh yes, the highlights…it’s this new technique that he learnt in Italy.

Girl 1: WOW.. run home to your man…his jaw will drop and he’ll feel proud to have a girl like you.

 Girl 2: Oh thanks so much hun…love you so….

Girl 1 walks away thinking: Boy does that little bitch look ridiculous. Can’t understand what that hunk boyfriend of hers sees in her. If I get half a chance, he’s mine!!

Girl 2 walks away thinking: That little slut!! She’s probably so jealous that she wants to look like me…and with that pathetic hair she has….not even implants would do half the job.


Guy 1: Oh…you look so sweet. Ooooh getting your hair cut were you!!

Guy 2: No …my head suddenly swelled up you dumbfuck.

Guy 1: Well…what a fucked up haircut mate. What? Did the barber think you said… a “gay’s” cut instead of a “guy’s” cut?

Guy 2: Yeah….but your mother likes it.

Guy 1: it…gotta go fuckhead…listen….send that sexy sister of yours my “deep” regards.

Guy 2: Off you go then fucking sissy…don’t want to disappoint your man, do you?

Guy 1 walks away thinking: Man…what a cool dude..could talk to him all day!!

Guy 2 walks away thinking: Love that guy man, brightens up my day!!!


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