The Natural Cycles of Time

Posted: June 19, 2011 by kabris1 in thoughts

The present and past are linked through a chain of successive events.

All of lifes events are connected by the movement of cyclic vibrations through the fabric of time that link the past, present and future.

Life is like a composition with a beginning, middle, and end or, a past, present, and future. Every decision you make in the present was affected by the past.

Every decision you make in the present affects the future.

The past and present are linked and interdependant on each other.

Life is a series of vibrational events, that like music, is a succesion of cycles that range from consonance to dissonance creating a contrast between the two.

Without light, there is no dark, without dissonance there would be no consonance.

The yin and yang are two equal parts contained within the same circle.

If you learn from the mistakes of your past, the past experiences can transform, but also live on into the present, from going from one end of the polar spectrum to another. If you don’t remember/learn from your mistakes the past is forgotten and cannot have any bearing on the present. The present time is the moment of realization and transformation that connects the cycles of life that range from dissonance to consonance.

“Every movement in the present creates a new direction that alters the past and the future.”

  1. I’m amazed at the depth of thought behind this.

  2. kabris1 says:

    It is entirely based on how sound moves through time and space. I have uncovered some of the secrets of the ancient cultures through my study of the harmonic series.

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